Product Updates
IP Camera Plugin for huperVision

Newly Added IP Cameras

  • Hi Sharp - T037QL*
  • huperlab - HNB-302N,HND-301N
  • Asoni - CAM6092QIR(H.265), SVR640A
  • Wisenet - XNP-6120H,XNP-6370RH,XNV-6080R,XNV-6129R
IP Camera Plugin for huperVision
Product Models Language Release Date File Size Download
IP Camera Plugin
-- 2018/7/19 30.1 MB Program
IP Cam Support List
EN   - List
  1. Please install the IP Camera Plugin after finishing huperVision installation for
    hybrid DVR & IP surveillance systems.
  2. huperLab is continuously integrating and updating IP camera models, so please make sure you install the latest version of IP Camera Plugin program.
  3. If you use Hi Sharp - T037QL IP camera, you need to additionally download and install this file.
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