huperVision HD TrIbrid DVR surveillance system is the advanced surveillance solution based on huperVision 4000, bringing multiple video transmission formats into one single interface, supports HD-SDI, megapixel IP cameras and 960H/D1 cameras simultaneously up to 64CH video display and recording on one system. With easy-to-use interface, the system can be easily applied for different use scenarios.

The built-in Matrix solution, multiple monitors and TV-outs support enables the multi-screen monitoring simultaneously from HD-SDI, IP and 960H/D1 camera videos. Based on SeamlessCloud technology, the customers can well arrange the big data transmission and backup when confronting abnormal network traffic. On surveillance videos, it also allows intuitive ePTZ control (pan/tilt/zoom) that can focus on a region of interest (ROI) easily.

The complete CMS solution can allow event management and video management, and monitor remote videos from iOS/Android handheld devices with instant push video notifications. Available with huperLab’s self-developed and patent granted 2D & 3D video analytics, the huperVision HD Tribrid DVR surveillance system can provide better applications for vertical markets.

Key Features

  • Support 1080p/720p HD-SDI Cameras
  • TRIBRID Function for Various Usage Scenarios*
    • 3-in-1 video inputs support HD-SDI, IP and 960H/D1 camera
    • Easy to stack with huperVision Hybrid 4700 series card or DSS Server Boards in one system to fulfill the demands in multiple scenarios
  • Up to 64CH DVR with Built-in Matrix View with Multiple Monitors Display
  • SeamlessCloud  for Safe Data Storage
  • Feature-rich Built-in CMS
  • 2D & 3D Video Analytics for Verticals

*Add-on huperVision hybrid DVR cards / DSS Server Board are required.