huperLab Retail Solution
huperLab Retail Solution featuring a high-value video analytics solution that provides proactive monitoring, video forensic research and high accuracy of analytic results for retailers. As the importance of business intelligence is getting more important, with huperLab’s accurate analytic data, the retailers are able to take full advantage of it and learn the customer satisfaction and marketing evaluation at a time. Meantime, retailers can efficiently aware the in-store security concerns with the system’s complete event notifications.
  • Business Intelligence Application
    • Quickly analyze customer traffic flow (peak time) in the store
    • Identify hot zones and hot products in the store
    • Differentiate children from adults among customers
    • Differentiate customer’s genders and profiles
    • Evaluate in-store marketing activities
  • Efficient In-store Staff Arrangement
    • Timely allocate on-site staff to hot zones
    • Improve sales services and marketing support
    • Reduce labor waste in some areas
  • Improve Customer Services & Satisfaction
    • Instantly learn the in-store people flow and adjust air conditioning
    • Monitor queue length to reduce customer’s wait time in the check-out register 
    • Proper staff approach to the customers in crowds who may need help
  • In-store Human Property and Assets Protection
    • For public safety and security, retailers can count on huperVision Retail solution to aware situational incidents, such as loss prevention, Suspicious objects, flame & smoke accident and so forth.
    • Real-time video recording can be presented as forensic evidence

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