huperLab Retail Solution
huperLab Retail Solution featuring a high-value video analytics solution that provides proactive monitoring, video forensic research and high accuracy of analytic results for retailers. As the importance of business intelligence is getting more important, with huperLab’s accurate analytic data, the retailers are able to take full advantage of it and learn the customer satisfaction and marketing evaluation at a time. Meantime, retailers can efficiently aware the in-store security concerns with the system’s complete event notifications.

huperVision Retail Solution for retails covers Business Intelligence and Security & Surveillance sectors in vertical applications.

  • Business Intelligence
    • 3D People Counter
    • 2D People Counter
    • Access Counter: identify hot zones in the store
    • Face/Gender Detection: detects human faces and genders
    • Queue Length Monitoring: estimate t  he number of customers in queue and their wait time
    • huperReporter: data analyzer can generate traffic reports for huperLab’s counter products on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Security & Surveillance
    • Flame & Smoke Detection
    • Missing & Left Object Detection: sends notifications if any existing/unattended object is missing/left for a period of time
    • Secure Zone Detection: alarms when intrusions occur in one or more predefined forbidden zones
    • Scene Change Detection: alarms when the camera lens are covered, sprayed, defocused, or the camera is repositioned
    • POS DVR

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