The huperLab People Counting Solution using the common interface of huperVision software, one intelligent video surveillance system delivers high accuracy, real-time counting metrics and customer service metrics. In greater integration and flexibility, the solution can help store managers to achieve better marketing efficiency and get more visitors’ engagement.

All real-time accurate video analytics data can be easily accessed and sent to back-end system for further detailed analysis, or remote viewing on mobile devices, which truly save the efforts of store management.


  • Vision-based detection technology
  • Real-time track and analyze customer/visitor traffic
  • High accuracy in high density areas
  • Possible to differentiate people and shopping carts

  • Quickly identify hot zones and hot products
  • Timely allocate on-site staffing to improve sales services and marketing support
  • Easy to integrate with analysis system for clear and visual reports

  • Control the amount of people indoors for safety
  • Timely adjust air conditioning and lighting according to dynamic people traffic
  • Reduce the influence by light and shadow changes, the overlapping moving objects, falling leaves, raindrops
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use