huperLab Factory Solution
The huperLab Flame & Smoke Detection system is an ideal solution for factory fire/smoke and safety management that can real-time detect and identify suspicious flame and smoke in seconds with live surveillance and recording. Based on huperLab’s patented and self-developed algorithm technology, huperLab Flame & Smoke Detection system is available to flexibly adjust sensitivity settings and parameters to ensure higher accuracy and false alarm in different use scenarios.

The huperLab Flame & Smoke Detection system also provides comprehensive event notification mechanism. Running with the huperVision intelligent platform, the system is able to quickly identify events and converge the data information to send alert to central management system and operator’s mobile devices with push video notifications. It can further allow to integrate with fire safety equipment, such as fire and smoke detector, alarm system to take quick actions.

Flame Detection (4.8 MB)

*Note: The huperLab Flame Detection Pro requires the selected cameras. Please refer to the webpage for more details.

  • huperLab Smoke Detection
    • Real-time Detection & Recording
    • Can Outline the Dynamic Smoke after Quick Verification in Seconds
    • Easy to Install & Detect Smoke Caused by High Temperature

Smoke Detection (8.7 MB)

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