huperVision NVR surveillance system is a smart, ready-to-use, and reliable solution that combines intelligent video surveillance features based on huperVision 4000, the powerful video management system. The huperVision NVR system allows Full HD local display and recording, remote monitoring and playback. Without complicated settings and installation, and one-click IP camera wizardand dual-stream IP camera support, the system can easily configure and manage multi-stream for live display, remote monitoring and recording upon different demands. For effective storage performance, the huperLab’s unique SeamlessCloud function can cache video archive until the networking backs to normal for zero loss data storage. The greater value that the huperVision NVR system offers is 2D & 3D video analytics. Its feature-rich video analytics are easily applied to the huperVision DVR/NVR system for verticals.

To solve the Blind Spot problems in surveillance, huperVision NVR surveillance system supports fisheye cameras that can cover wide field of view for 360° full panoramic view or 180° hemispherical view. The feature is able to further unwrap video images from any fisheye cameras, and allows intuitive ePTZ control (pan/tilt/zoom) that can focus on a region of interest (ROI) easily.

huperLab is continuously integrating and updating IP camera models. Please refer to IP Camera Support List for more information.

Key Features

  • Fisheye Dewarping with ePTZ Control
  • One-click IP Camera Installation
  • Dual-stream IP Camera Support
  • SeamlessCloud for Zero Loss Data Storage
  • Feature-rich Built-in CMS
  • 2D & 3D Video Analytics for Verticals