huperVision 4000 series is huperLab’s PC-based intelligent surveillance system that supports both analog and network camera connections. Its wide range of surveillance cards and comprehensive software functions constitute huperLab’s complete surveillance product line from entry-level to higher-end markets for multiple applications.

Running with huperVision 4000 intelligent surveillance system, huperVision Hybrid DVR offers not only powerful video analytics but diverse center/client programs, such as huperCenter (CMS), and huperRemote. Users can further monitor remote surveillance sites with different handheld devices, including Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Symbian Phones.

With the design of low power and low profile*, huperLab’s surveillance cards can easily reduce electricity expense and fit a variety of hardware configurations for different markets. To further increase its scalability, all huperLab surveillance cards are STACKABLE that allows system integrators and installers to stack two, three or even four DVR cards in one machine to save hardware costs and space. To further improve the system scalability, huperLab also provides
NVR License Keys for customers to easily expand IP camera connections.

All huperLab surveillance cards, including captured cards and DSS Server Boards, are equipped with TRUE HYBRID function that enables any combination of both analog and network camera connections to the newly-built or existing system. With huperLab surveillance cards, the surveillance system can be freely configured as a DVR, hybrid DVR or even NVR, based on customers’ requirements, without extra settings or hardware purchase.

Note: *only available in huperVision 4700 series.