huperVision HD-SDI DVR surveillance system delivers 1080p/720p high video resolution over standard coaxial cable without any latency and compression for real-time video viewing, recording and playback.

For CCTV professionals, the HD-SDI solution acts as a genuine and cost-effective alternative for full HD video surveillance upgrade while preserving the coaxial cable infrastructure and operating interface. The intuitive ePTZ control with PIP (Picture-in-picture) on-screen pan/tilt/zoom can focus on a region of interest (ROI) easily based on Full HD and fisheye images for better viewing. Included exclusive SeamlessCloud technology, the customers can well arrange the big data transmission and backup when confronting abnormal network traffic.

The complete CMS solution can allow event management and video management, and monitor remote videos from iOS/Android handheld devices with instant push video notifications. Available with huperLab’s self-developed and patent granted 2D & 3D video analytics based on huperVision 4000, the huperVision HD-SDI surveillance system can provide better applications in vertical markets.

Key Features

  • Supporting 1080p / 720p Real-time Display & Recording
  • Up to 16CH 1080p 480FPS/320RFPS
  • Uncompressed Video Data
  • Over 200M Transmission Distance
  • Easy to configure as HD Hybrid DVR or HD Tribrid DVR*
  • High Performance but Low Power Consumption

*Add-on huperVision hybrid DVR cards / NVR License key are required.