Key Features

Tribrid DVR/NVR
huperVision 4000 provides TRIBRID DVR/NVR functionality that allows you to connect HD-SDI, analog and IP cameras (including megapixel cameras) for any free combination without extra costs.

  • Up to 64CH Tribrid DVR/NVR
  • Freely stack any huperVision Hybrid DVR card and Vento2 DSS Server Board for system expansion
  • Support more than 40 brands, over 400 IP camera models in the market. The IP camera integration is still ongoing.
  • IP Cam Integration with huperVision 4000 System
  • More IP Camera Brands & Models…..  
    • The IP camera models huperVision supports is continuously increasing. Please refer to huperLab’s IP Camera Support List for updates.
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