Key Features

2D & 3D Intelligent Video Analytic
  huperVision 2D & 3D
Video Analytics Overview

huperVision 2D & 3D Video Analytics, self-developed and patent granted by huperLab, are the robust, real-time and easy-to-use intelligent video content analysis applications based on huperVision 4000 platform. All cameras, including HD-SDI, analog and IP cameras, can be used for the 2D Video Analytics while huperVision 3D Video Analytics requires huperEyes 3D camera for advanced video content analysis.

Beyond security surveillance, huperVision 2D & 3D Video Analytics provide a perfect solution towards various vertical markets. The data reporting tool and smartphone remote viewing applications are all available for data analysis and remote monitoring.

For easily and further data analysis, huperReporter program can support traffic report exported from huperLab’s Counter Products with diverse file and chart formats.

  • 2D Video Analytics v.s. 3D Video Analytics
  2D Video Analytics 3D Video Analytics
Technology Computer Vision Stereo Vision
Accuracy Average (up to 90%) Higher (90-98%)
Applicable Environment Indoor & Outdoor (Simpler Scenarios) Indoor & Outdoor (w/ shadows and Light Changes)
Camera CCTV, HD-SDI & IP Cameras huperEyes 3D Camera
Camera Installation Top Down Installation Oblique Installation
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