Key Features

2D & 3D Intelligent Video Analytic
2D Video Analytics
2D Video Analytics

Business Intelligence

  • People Counter / Flow Counting*  calculates the amount of objects and people passing by the predefined line bi-directionally.
  • Gender Detection detects human faces and log them in the surveillance video.
<Gender Detection Pic>
  • Access Counter counts how many times the specific area/object has been accessed.
  • Occupancy Counter estimates the number of people occupying in the camera FOV. The system will alarm if any crowd is detected.
    Occupancy Counter Demo (19.2MB)

Security & Surveillance

  • Video Defogging can eliminate the interference of fog, haze, and dust to improve image clarity.
  • Motion Detection Pro detects motions with higher accuracy, and is less influenced by swaying trees, snow and rain, etc.
  • Missing & Left Object Detection sends notifications if an existing/unattended object is missing/left for a period of time.
<Secure Zone Detection Pic>
  • Loitering Detection analyzes moving objects in real-time video and triggers alarm when unattended objects/suspicious people are loitering on the scene for a period of time as well as to draw their moving trace.
    Loitering Detection Demo (4.83MB)
  • Virtual Fence Detection perceives intrusions when suspicious objects/people pass a predefined line or proceed the wrong way in single direction entrance.
    Virtual Fence Detection Demo (4.81MB)



Traffic Surveillance

  • Car Plate Detection can detect car plate and log them in the surveillance video.
  • License Plate Recognition can real-time recognize license plate numbers, and archive the video for further car plate search.
  • Traffic Counter bi-directionally counts vehicles by sizes, such as trucks, buses, bikes, and pedestrians, etc.

    1. *shows optional features in huperVision 4000.
    2. **Flame Detection Pro requires specific camera installation for improved accuracy.

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