huperVision 4000 is the perfect surveillance solution for large-scaled, or commercial securities, including retail, industry sites, public sectors, travel & transit spots, and warehousing, etc.
  • The industry applications and uses of huperVision 4000 are detailed as below:
  •  Application  Use of huperVision 4000
     Shopping Centers
     Department Stores
     Chained Stores
     * Customer monitoring for theft and shoplifting
     * Consumer purchasing behavior monitoring
     * Employee monitoring for fraud and theft
     Public/Government  Buildings
     Downtown Areas
     Education Facilities
     * Building and security  checkpoint monitoring
     * Facilities monitoring against vandalism
     * Pupil monitoring
     Bus/Subway/Train Stations
     * Checkpoint monitoring (e.g. customs inspections)
     * Traffic/roadway monitoring
     * Traffic flow control
     Industry Sites

     * Inventory monitoring
     * Manufacturing process monitoring