– Data Analyzer for huperVision Counter Products
huperReporter Overview

huperReporter is an easy-to-use data analyzer that generates traffic reports for huperLab’s counter products on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The counting data can be presented in different chart formats, and exported as a CSV file for further analysis. huperReporter further allows up to 500 counter connections for data consolidation.

  • Support counting data query from huperLab 3D People Counter, 2D People Counter, Access Counter, Occupancy Counter and Flow Counting
  • Support various time periods: 5/10/15/30/30 minutes
  • Query counting data from multiple remote/local counters* on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Consolidate counting data in different chart formats, including line charts, bar charts and tables
  • Export counting data in CSV format for further analysis
  • Print charts and tables

Note:*huperReporter works with huperVision v.1.56 and above.