DSS Server Board

huperLab DSS Server Board is an all-in-one server board designed exclusively for security surveillance use. Up to 32 real-time video capture chips are embedded seamlessly on the server board that guarantees easy installation, full system integration and improved compatibility.
This unique DSS server board provides tailor-made recording speed function that allows installers to easily customize recording speeds from the software settings to fulfill various market demands, thus brings higher margins and save stock costs.
Bundled with huperVision 4000 software suite, the huperLab DSS Server Board provides rich intelligent surveillance features, and enables the connections of CCTV and IP cameras to the newly-built or existing surveillance system.

Making great combination of green notion and compact size, huperLab has launched new generation of Gaia 404/408/416 Series and Vento 504Q/508Q/516Q/532Q Series to meet different market demands.

  • huperVision 4000 DSS Server Board Vento2 516Q/532Q Series
    • Up to 32CH 960FPS/800FPS @D1 Display & Recording
    • Industry-level Board Design Exclusively for Surveillance Use
    • True Hybrid DVR/NVR
    • Ideal for 1080p/720p HD & Large Scale Surveillance
    • Up to 8 Spot Monitor TV-out Support
    • huperVision 4000 Intelligent Surveillance Software Suite
  • DSS Server Board Family