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Item Description
Chipset Intel® Q67 Express Chipset
Form Factor MicroATX (9.6 inch x 8.9 inch / 24.4 cm x 22.6 cm )
Memory Type Support DDR3 1066/1333MHz SDRAM with Non-ECC, un-buffered memory
Max. Memory 16GB
Memory Slot DDR3 DIMM x 4
Expansion Slots One PCI Express x16
One Mini-PCI Express
Video In 16/32 CH video inputs (10 bit ADC)
Graphics Intel® integrated graphic engine
Dual Display
●    VGA + DVI
●    VGA + HDMI
●    DVI + HDMI
Storage Interface SATA 3.0 x 2
SATA 2.0 x 4
LAN Dual 10/100/1000 LAN (ETH0 support Intel AMT 7.0)
Audio Realtek ALC886 HD
Internal I/O USB2.0 x 2 / Front Audio x 1 / COM x 2
Rear I/O USB2.0 x 4 / LAN (RJ45) port x 2 / Audio jack x 3 / 16CH Video In (LPT Port) x 1/ VGA x 1/ DVI x 1 / HDMI x 1
Internal Serial Ports COM1: RS232/422/485, 2x5/2.0 Box header
COM2: RS232/422/485, 2x5/2.0 Box header
Digital Video Specifications
Item Description
Video Inputs 16/32
Audio Inputs 16/32
Video Resolution 720X480/720X576, 704x480/704x576, 720X240/720X288, 640X480, 640X240, 320X240
Display Rate (NTSC/PAL) Up to 960/800FPS @ D1 resolution
Recording Rate (NTSC/PAL) Up to 960/800FPS @ D1 resolution
GPIO 8 / 16
Watch Dog Yes, hardware & software reset for anti-freeze protection
Product Models
Product Model Vento2 532Q    
Vento2 532Q-960 Vento2 532Q-480 Vento2 532Q-240
Video Inputs (Analog) 32
Audio Inputs 32
Display Rate (NTSC/PAL) 960FPS/800FPS @ D1
Recording Rate (NTSC/PAL)
720x480 / 720x576 960/800FPS 480/400FPS 240/200FPS
320x240 960/800FPS 960/800FPS 960/800FPS
TV-Out Support *2 8
Max. IP CH Support *3 32
Surveillance Software huperVision 4000 Intelligent Surveillance Software Suite

Product Model Vento2 516Q    
Vento2 516Q-480 Vento2 516Q-240 Vento2 516Q-120
Video Inputs (Analog) 16
Audio Inputs 16
Display Rate (NTSC/PAL) 480FPS/400FPS @ D1
Recording Rate (NTSC/PAL)
720x480 / 720x576 480/400FPS 240/200FPS 120/100FPS
320x240 480/400FPS 480/400FPS 480/400FPS
TV-Out Support *2 4
Max. IP CH Support *3 16
Surveillance Software huperVision 4000 Intelligent Surveillance Software Suite


  1. Vento2 532Q provides 1 slot of PCIex1 and 1 slot of Mini-PCIe x1; Vento 516Q provides 1 slot of PCeIx1
  2. Vento2 series DSS Server Board is available in a wide range of product models by customer requests. Please contact huperLab sales for more information.
  3. The 16CH audio connector is not included in the standard package, and requires extra purchase.
  4. TV-out cable with bracket is optional.
  5. Running with huperVision 4000 v1.55 intelligent surveillance System and above.
  6. Some video analytics in huperVision 4000 are optional. Please refer to huperVision 4000 product specifications for details.
  7. Product specifications and pictures are subject to change without prior notice.
  8. Product is not warranted if the product is modified, altered or repaired without authorization by huperLab.
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