DVR & IP Surveillance Cards
Card Models
Ultra 960H/D1 DVR Card
  • 960H Progressive*
  • Surge Protection Design
  • 30% Higher Resolution than D1 Video
  • Image Quality Upgrade without Re-wiring

  • 4808 Series DVR Card
    Product Model 4808B-240V 4808B-120V 4808B-60
    Video Input (BNC) 8
    Audio Input (RCA) 8
    Max. IP Cam Connection* 8 4 2
    Display Rate (NTSC/PAL) 240FPS/200FPS @ 960H/D1
    Display Video Resolution
    NTSC 960x480 Progressive, 960x480 (HD), 960x480, 960x480 SW, 720x480 (HD), 720x480, 720x480 SW, 704x480 (HD), 704x480,704x480 SW, 640x480 (HD), 640x480, 640x480 SW, 320x240
    PAL 960x576 Progressive,  960x576 (HD), 960x576, 960x576 (SW), 720x576 (HD), 720x576, 720x576 SW, 704x576 (HD), 704x576, 704x576 SW, 640x480 (HD), 640x480, 640x480 SW, 320x240
    Total Recording Rate (NTSC/PAL)
    960x480 / 960x576 240FPS/200FPS 120FPS/100FPS 60FPS/50FPS
    960x240 / 960x288 240FPS/200FPS 120FPS/100FPS 60FPS/50FPS
    720x480 / 720x576 240FPS/200FPS 120FPS/100FPS 60FPS/50FPS
    720x240/ 720x288 240FPS/200FPS 120FPS/100FPS 60FPS/50FPS
    320x240/ 320x288 240FPS/200FPS 120FPS/100FPS 60FPS/50FPS
    320x240 240FPS/200FPS 120FPS/100FPS 60FPS/50FPS
    GPIO 8
    Video Compression
    H.264 / HM(MPEG-4 Like) / Motion-JPEG
    Hardware Watchdog Yes
    PC Interface PCIe 2.0 x 1**
    System Expansion Stacked with huperVision 4700 cards or 4900 HD-SDI cards
    to build up to 64CH system
    Surveillance Software huperVision 4000 v1.7 and above
    Card Dimension 6.65" x 2.72" / 16.9 x 6.9 cm

    1. *The Max. IP Cam Connection allows free IP camera connection included in the total number of video input. For example, 4808B-120V card allows up to 4 IP camera and 4 analog camera connections.
    2. **The motherboard with PCIe 2.0 x1 slot is recommended for 4808B cards.
    3. The 960H progressive quality only works with huper 960H camera only.
    4. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
    5. Display & recording rates present the maximum frame rates per cards. The extra frame rates may vary across hardware environments.