huperLab Gaia NVR
Key Features
Key Features

  • Easy Setup
    • One-click Camera Installation simplifies camera setup by detecting and finding cameras* in minutes
    • IP Camera Wizard guides camera setup step-by-step
    • Prompt video evidence export, and easy playback on any smartphones and tablets
    • Smart Operation

      • ePTZ Control with PIP preview on Fisheye Video  allows intuitive ePTZ control (pan/titlt/zoom) on screen that can focus on a region of interest (ROI) easily.

      • Fisheye Dewarping can unwrap video images from the original 360° fisheye cameras to display the broad, hemispherical and panoramic view without blind spot.
    • Built-in CMS for Powerful Video Management
      • Video Management –– huperRemote
        • Display up to 128CH remote camera videos on dual-monitor
        • Easy camera grouping for virtual matrix function support
        • Control PTZ camera & I/O devices remotely
        • Two-way voice communication
      • Event Management –– huperCenter
        • Manage events from up to 256 remote cameras***
        • Display up to 64CH event video simultaneously
        • eMap supports camera & I/O event indications and event video display
        • Control PTZ camera & I/O devices remotely
        • Support redundant server for fault tolerance
    • A Wide Array of Video Analytics for Verticals
      • huperLab’s self-developed and patent granted technology
      • Real-time and easy-to-use for both live monitoring and instant event notification
      • Easy to fulfill vertical applications, such as
        Retail, Factory & Industrial Sites, Residential, Education, Banking, and more
    • Reliable Recording & Storage
      • SeamlessCloud smooths and secures external data transfer
        • Allow zero loss data transfer in cloud storage, including DAS, NAS and SAN
        • Cache video archive while confronting abnormal network traffic
        • Auto recycle & quick search in external storage
    • SmartFile Management Technology is designed for big video data storage and retrival operating on a 24/7 basis
      • Free from the impact of disk fragmentation
      • Optimize video recording & playback for 24/7 operation
      • Efficiently extend HDD life span