huperLab Gaia NVR
huperLab Gaia NVR Overview

huperLab Gaia NVR, available with 4CH/8CH/16CH, is an embedded and compact size NVR system that enables not only remote monitoring but real-time live local display, high resolution recording, and full HD multi-channel playback. A wide array of intelligent features, including CMS (video/event management), fisheye dewarping with ePTZ and video analytics, are available to fulfill various market demands.

Featured with one click installation and setup wizard, only several mouse clicks can complete camera setup in the Gaia NVR. huperLab’s fisheye dewarping technology is able to unwrap any fisheye images, and allows intuitive ePTZ control (pan/tilt/zoom) that can focus on a region of interest (ROI) easily. Its SeamlessCloud feature further enables zero loss megapixel video data transfer to cloud storages on a 24/7 basis of operation. Available with huperLab’s self-developed and patent granted video analytics, Gaia NVR becomes a perfect fit for different vertical applications.

  • One-click Camera Installation
  • Fisheye Dewarping & ePTZ Control
  • SeamlessCloud for Zero Loss Network Storage
  • Feature-rich Built-in CMS
  • A Wide Array of Video Analytics for Verticals