• Video/Audio/TV-out Cable
  • Model Apply to Details
    P4T4A ME4T4A huperVision 4708Q DVR Card
    DSS Server Board
        Gaia 404/ 408/ 416
    DSS Server Board
        Vento 508Q/ 516Q/ 532Q
    4 Audio &
    2 TV-out cable
    M1001 TV-out Internal Cable
    P4T16A ME4T16A huperVision 4716Q DVR Card
    DSS Server Board Gaia 416
    DSS Server Board
        Vento 516Q/ 532Q*
    16 Audio External cable
    & 4 TV-out cable
    M1001 TV-out Internal Cable
    1. * DSS Server Board Vento 532Q requires two sets of P4T16A.
    2. If users don’t require 16CH(or above) audio input, you can simply purchase P4T4A for huperVision 4716Q, DSS Server Board Gaia 416/Vento 516/ Vento 532.

  • I/O Controller
  • The I/O controller works with huperDVR or huperVision to connect to traditional security devices, such as alarms, detectors and sensors. With the I/O controller, huperVision can perform event recording, send event notifications or trigger any external devices if an external sensor detects an event.
    Model Input Ports Output Ports Protection Circuit
    I/O Card IOC-0404P 4 4 V
    I/O controller for DVR
    I/O Box IOB-0805 8 5 V
    I/O box for DVR,8 input,5 output
    IOB-1616 16 16 V
    I/O box for DVR,16 input,16 output

  • Video Loop-Back Card
  • LB-16 Input Video Loop Through Card connects to huperVision capture cards to loop back video signals. Camera video can go through the Video Loop-Back Card to the monitor set or to the quad processor for monitoring purpose or other special applications.
    Model LB-16
    Loop through card, video loop-back card for DVR
    System 32 bits 5V PCI card
    Video input Maximum 16 channel
    Video Output Maximum 16 channel
    Video signal 1 Vpp, 75 Ω switch optional
    Dimension 119.88*85.09 mm Output Ports