huperLab 3D Counter
Key Features
Key Features

  • Stereo-vision based counting system
    • Works with exclusive huperVision 3D Camera
    • Enables to sensor the height and real size of object in the depth dimension
    • Bi-directional counting
    • Real-time three dimensional information capturing and analyzing
    • Height measurement
      • Enables to distinguish adults and children
      • Measures the distance between the object and stereo camera
      • Timely measures the object height in monitoring areas
      • Enables to work as checkpoint for height restriction places (e.g. amusement parks)
    • Less influenced by light and shadow variation
      • Using stereo-vision based technology and exclusive algorithm, reduce counting errors by light and shadow changes
    • Applicable to outdoor & high density areas
      • Enable to distinguish individual heads from the crowd
      • Enables to distinguish and count people when walking side by side, queuing up, shows on the ground, and in high density area
      • Enables to filter counting results by height
      • Works as checkpoint for height restriction places (e.g. amusement parks)
    • Counting data export for business intelligence use
      • The counting data can be exported by huperReporter to generate traffic reports for further analysis Take retailers for example, retails can use these data to learn customer/visitor’s satisfaction, consuming behaviors, and evaluate marketing benefits and more.

        huperReporter is an easy-to-use data analyzer that generates traffic reports for huperLab’s Counter products on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The counting data can be presented in different chart formats, and exported as a CSV file for further analysis. huperReporter further allows up to 500 counter connects for data consolidation.