huperLab 3D Counter
huperLab 3D Counter Overview

The huperLab 3D Counter combines a state-of-the-art stereo camera — huperVision — and an exclusive 3D people counting algorithm to capture three-dimensional images, and count people with much greater precision. huperLab 3D Counter further provides distance and height measurements that easily distinguish people with different heights, and sense whether the objects are moving toward or away from the camera in the depth dimension. huperVision works in a similar way to human vision, without requiring lasers or sensors.

Along with huperReporter, the counting data of huperLab 3D Counter enables to be generated as traffic report for use of business intelligence to further analyze customer and visitor’s satisfaction, evaluate store layout and benefits and more.

  • Stereo-vision based counting system
  • Height measurement
  • High accuracy
  • Less influenced by light and shadow variation
  • Applicable to outdoor & high density areas
  • Counting data export for business intelligence use
  • Easy installation