huperLab 3D Virtual Fence uses stereo vision technology – with exclusive dual-lens stereo camera to real-time perceive intrusions in-depth that can better verify the objects in real position at different heights whether they are moving toward or away from the camera. The depth-sensing technology based on 3D Video Analytics algorithm enables higher tolerance to light and shadows change, the overlapped moving objects and snowing for high accuracy better than infrared detection technology. More than a tripwire application, 3D Virtual Fence can build a polygon fence with height and bi-directional detection for various applications.

2D VS. 3D Virtual Fence Diagram

2D Virtual Fence

The 2D vision working in a flat surface can’t clearly verify the exact position of moving objects. It easily causes the false alarms.

3D Virtual Fence

The 3D stereo vision detects moving objects in depth that can better distinguish them from the background for higher accuracy.

  • Real-time detect and analyze moving object in real position
  • Depth-sensing technology reduce false alarm problems for high accuracy
  • Height filter feature

  • Easy to set up and apply for regional safety
  • Support push video event notification on smartphone and tablets
  • Ideal to integrate with alert system

  • Reduce the influence by light and shadow changes, the overlapping moving objects, falling leaves, raindrops
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Touch Mode feature builds three-dimensional wall concept to detect moving objects in depth. Thus, it can reduce false alarm for more effective detection when unauthorized access to residential, commercial buildings and private space