2D People Counter

Product Name huperLab 2D People Counter
Features Define 1 counting zone per camera
Bi-directional counting
Real-time video recording & playback
Two modes are available for easy setup:
  • Shadow mode: improve accuracy when the scenario are full of shadows and light changes
  • Crowd mode: improve accuracy when the counting area is crowded with people
Remote access via internet and mobile devices, including iPhone/iPad, Android phones/tablets
huperReporter (Counting Analysis Software)
  • Query counting data from multiple remote/local counters on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Consolidate counting data in different chart formats, including line charts, bar charts and tables
  • Export counting data in CSV format for further analysis
  • Print charts and tables
Software Platform huperVision 4000 Intelligent System
Available Version
  • People Counter
  • People Counter Pro
    - Shadow Mode & Crowd Mode Support
    - Higher Accuracy
Camera Requirement HD-SDI, IP and Analog camera
Camera Installation Top Down Installation