2D People Counter
Key Features
Key Features

  • Vision-based Counting with HD-SDI, IP and CCTV Cameras
    • Bi-directional counting
    • Real-time capture and analyze
    • Live video display & recording
    • High Accuracy than Infrared Beams Sensor
      • Up to 95% high accuracy*
      • Can differentiate individuals from the crowds
      • Remain accuracy when people walking shoulder to shoulder
      • Provide Shadow and Crowd Mode to fit for different scenarios
    • Easy to Setup & Integrate with Back-end System
      • SDK available for system integration for the use of business intelligence, capacity control or marketing information display on digital signage
      • Suitable for the use of business intelligence
    • Remote Monitoring on Mobile Devices
      • Remote view via smartphones & tablets
    • Counting data export for business intelligence use
      • The counting data can be exported by huperReporter to generate traffic reports for further analysis Take retailers for example, retails can use these data to learn customer/visitor’s satisfaction, consuming behaviors, and evaluate marketing benefits and more.


        huperReporter is an easy-to-use data analyzer that generates traffic reports for huperLab’s Counter products on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The counting data can be presented in different chart formats, and exported as a CSV file for further analysis. huperReporter further allows up to 500 counter connects for data consolidation.