2D People Counter

huperLab 2D People Counter Overview

huperLab 2D People Counter, worked with HD-SDI,IP and CCTV cameras, can detect and analyze real-time image to count bi-directional people flows when they pass through the operator’s defined line without additional laser or infrared ray sensor required. The vision-based 2D People Counter is able to allocate and count each person from the crowd for high accuracy. As its 2D People Counter Pro provides different modes to fit for the different scenarios, it can reach to the level of 95% accuracy*. This makes it ideal to apply to retail stores, entertainment places, airports, sightseeing sports and more.

For better counting data analysis, the captured data can be generated by huperReporter as traffic report for the use of business intelligence. User s can easily analyze customer traffic and satisfaction, in-store marketing evaluation to improve their business.

Note:*The accuracy may vary across different scenarios.