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October 2007
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HuperLab Announces Intelligent Hybrid DVR and NVR Solutions

As the surveillance industry steps into its new era – from analog CCTV systems to IP-based video surveillance, HuperLab is pleased to announce huperVision 4000 Hybrid DVR & NVR solutions to CCTV customers and integrators who plan to add IP surveillance to existing systems. Existing or new customers can enjoy one free IP camera connection in huperVision 4000 v.1.5 plus all intelligent surveillance features. They also can stack either HuperLab Hybrid DVR cards or IP License cards to expand existing CCTV systems or build whole new NVRs.

In addition to intelligent features, huperVision 4000 also includes HueprLab Central Management Solution, an advanced central management system that brings multiple huperVision systems together into an integrated interface for remote monitoring and event management. Two programs, huperCenter and huperRemote, are included for separate installations.


huperVision 4000 Hybrid DVR

huperVision 4000 Hybrid DVR accepts the use of both analog and IP cameras with the same user interface as the existing huperVision DVR. All intelligent features can be applied to analog cameras and IP ones.

  • One Free IP Connection in huperVision DVR System

    Starting from huperVision 4000 v.1.5, HuperLab provides one free IP connection in every single DVR system using HuperLab video capture cards*. For example, a huperVision 16CH DVR system offers one free IP connection and 15 analog video inputs. Users from CCTV industry can experience hybrid DVR right away without extra cost.
    * HuperLab video capture cards include 1) Full D1 Real-Time DVR Cards, 2) PCI Express DVR Cards, 3) PCI DVR Cards (Plus Series).

  • Hybrid DVR Card

    HuperLab Hybrid DVR cards enable users to connect 4 analog cameras and 4 IP ones to build a 8CH hybrid DVR, or use 8 analog cameras plus 8 IP ones for a 16CH hybrid DVR.
  • Stackable with Video Capture Cards and IP License Cards

    HuperLab's stackable DVR card solution keeps the flexibility on hybrid DVR systems. Users are free to add HuperLab IP license cards, hybrid DVR cards, or video capture cards on the existing DVR to experience IP surveillance without abandoning their previous CCTV investments.

huperVision 4000 NVR

huperVision 4000 NVR provides 4, 8, 16 and even 32 IP camera connections to customers with the need of IP-based video surveillance.

IP Devices Supported by huperVision 4000

huperVision 4000 currently offers compatibility with IP devices from the following leading manufactures. Our hardware support list is expanding while HuperLab is continuously in research and development in IP-based video surveillance.

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HuperLab News

Meet HuperLab in October at IFSEC India 2007


Date: October 25-27, 2007
Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Booth Number: Booth No. 51D, Hall No. 10

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