Effective 3D People Counter and Flame/Smoke Detection Cater to Vertical Applications
Taipei, Taiwan, May 2015

Huper Laboratories (known as huperLab), a leading provider of intelligent video surveillance system, and a technology innovator on 2D & 3D video analytics, showcased its mainly developed 3D People Counter and vision-based Flame/Smoke Detection at Secutech trade show in Taipei last month that caught the attention of many worldwide visitors.

Featured as great combination of surveillance and video analytics, huperVision 2D & 3D video analytics solutions can accurately detect and analyze moving objects and dynamic characteristics in real time. In addition to simply providing analytic information, video footage can also be recorded to verify details in various scenarios as forensic evidence.

Based on stereo vision, by utilizing dual-lens camera, huperLab 3D Video Analytics constructs 3D moving objects in depth to better distinguish moving objects from background, lights, shadows to achieve high accuracy. The real-time analytic information can be collected to export for further analysis in different needs. For example, the 3D analytic information can be used to distinguish adults, children and carts by specifying height filters.

Nowadays, people have been aware that early warning of flame and smoke can prevent possible tragedy and property loss. huperLab vision-based Flame/Smoke Detection solution with well-tuned CCTV/IP cameras can effectively detect and identify suspicious flame and smoke with high accuracy, and promptly send alert to the operators in seconds. It’s proved that the huperLab solution can help users take quick actions compared to conventional detectors, once they receive event notifications through mobile devices or central management system.

To increase the solution flexibility, huperLab 2D & 3D Video Analytics support SDK/CGI interfaces to integrate with the third- party products and systems, such as business intelligence analysis systems, fire/siren equipment, air-conditioning and lighting adjustment, to make their management more efficient.