huperLab’s 3D Video Analytics Solution Encouraging Acceptance by Retails Application
Taipei, Taiwan, Sept. 2014

Huper Laboratories (known as huperLab), a leading provider of intelligent video surveillance system, and a technology innovator on 2D & 3D video analytics, joined the DAF 2014 Intelligent Retail Summit that was organized by DIGITIMES in Taipei. huperLab firstly highlights 3D video analytics and business intelligence applications for retails. As the demand is increasingly booming, huperLab’s 3D Video Analytics applications brought attention to retailers to rethink more applicable possibilities.

Worked with exclusively-design 3D Stereo camera, based on self-developed 3D video algorithm in stereo vision as human eyes, huperLab’s 3D Video Analytics solution can real-time detect moving objects in-depth to better distinguish background, noise and moving target objects. Not like 2D vision worked in a flat surface, 3D Video Analytics enables to effectively reduce the influence by light and shadow changes, the overlapping of moving objects, fallen leaves, raindrops and so on with higher detection accuracy. This condition, it brings higher accuracy to count people in high density area, real-time estimate object heights, as well as fit the various detection scenarios with different heights both for indoor and outdoor use.

For more intelligence demands, the crucial factors for retailers to take into account are accurate detection data in real-time and high flexibility in system integration. The required data can be easily exported to back-end system for further analysis and management, so that the retailers can better learn customer behaviors, footage and target customer segment to deliver improved marketing strategies. What’s more important is the real-time data can be transmitted to integrated remote devices/equipment. The retailers are able to quickly monitor and take actions, such as in-store staffing, air-conditioning and lighting adjustment, for effective management.

Besides, it goes without saying that the problems of stolen goods and disaster protection can’t be compromised. huperLab also provides POS DVR, Queue Length Management, Flame/Smoke Detection and Missing/Left Object Detection and more video analytics features to greatly guard customer and retailer’s possessions.