huperVision 3D Virtual Fence Detects Intrusions at Different Heights and with Great Accuracy

Taipei, Taiwan, May 2014- Huper Laboratories (known as huperLab), a leading developer of intelligent video surveillance system, and a technology innovator on 2D & 3D video analytics, video/audio codecs and streaming technologies, proudly announces its 3D Virtual Fence solution is ready for the market. By utilizing 3D stereo camera, the 3D Virtual Fence can real-time perceive intrusions in-depth at different heights when objects pass a predefined fence. Unlike other video analytics in the market, huperVision 3D Virtual Fence is less influenced by lights and shadows, applicable to high traffic areas.

The accuracy problem of virtual fence has been a big challenge for VCA vendors. Using 2D analytic camera, the virtual fence can be easily influenced by environmental conditions, such as snow, fallen leaves, light and shadow changes, to cause false alarms. As the stereoscopic vision with 3D Stereo Camera, huperVision 3D Virtual Fence captures three-dimentional and real-time object information in depth that can better distinguish the objects in real position with different heights whether they are moving toward or away from the camera. It is perfectly applicable to high traffic areas for higher accuracy.

Working more than as a tripwire application, huperVision 3D Virtual Fence further allows to build a polygon fence with height and bi-directional detection for various scenarios. Once events are detected, video recording and event notifications will be activated for further analysis. Moreover, the security personnel and operators will receive Push Video Event Notification on their iOS/Android mobile devices, and playback event video at real-time, to verify the situation immediately.

This feature requires no sensor devices or electro-sensitive protective equipment. Guided by the 3D camera wizard, an easy and step-by-step installation will be available, thus all setup will be completed in seconds. huperVision 3D Virtual Fence is perfect for the use of treasure/product showcase places, production inspection in factories, and building entrances with height restriction, danger zone protection and so on.