The Next Milestone of huperLab-
Focusing on Reliability, Quality and Value Solution Portfolios

Taipei, Taiwan, May 2012 – This year marks the 15th Anniversary for Huper Laboratories Co., Ltd. (known as huperLab). huperLab began in 1997 based on computer vision a pioneer in developing a wide range of PC-based surveillance system along with self-developed and patent granted 2D & 3D video analytics, making it to be widely used in diverse vertical market. Not only have received good feedback from customers around the globe, but also huperLab’s products won big praise on MIT Excellence Award and Taiwan Excellence Award in 2002 and 2008. During greater tradeshow at early SecuTech/CompoSec and IFSEC, huperLab proudly demonstrated its significant moments and development milestones within 15 years.

As a pioneer in computer vision, video/audio codec and streaming technology, huperLab has led the market trends as for first launch of 16CH 1080p HD-SDI Display & Recording and 64CH Tribrid Matrix View solutions that deliver high performance and system stability for 24/7 operation. The “Tribrid” feature enables to connect HD-SDI/IP/CCTV cameras in one system. Different camera combinations can be assigned at various use scenarios upon users’ demands.

The company moreover brings video analytics into surveillance system in the market. The huperVision 2D & 3D video analytics can be widely applied to HD-SDI/IP/CCTV videos for different use scenarios. There has written success stories for diverse vertical market with relatively active monitoring and surveillance, higher detection accuracy, people and object scenarios that associated behaviors and overall security enhancement.

 “For 15 years commitment, I am proud of receiving good feedback from our worldwide customers. We position our brand name as providing reliable, high quality and value product portfolios and solutions for customers,” said Albert Yang, the President of Huper Laboratories Co., Ltd. “We have insisted developing our own 2D & 3D intelligent video analytics with granted patents for all along. Suitable solutions for diverse use scenarios and vertical market are how we stand out in the market.”