huperVision HD-SDI CCTV Tribrid Surveillance System
1080p High Definition Surveillance for CCTV Professionals

huperLab’s HD-SDI CCTV solution is a full HD intelligent “tribrid” surveillance system which brings multiple video transmission formats into one interface, including HD-SDI cameras, IP and CCTV cameras while preserving the CCTV infrastructure and operation.

Based on huperVision 4000 intelligent surveillance software platform, huperVision HD-SDI CCTV solution preserves its powerful and comprehensive video analytics and diverse client programs, thus creating double values on Full HD CCTV surveillance.

  • Full HD Video Quality
    • 1080p 30FPS full HD video
    • Uncompressed video data
SD (720x480)             Full HD (1920x1080)

  • True Live HD Viewing
    • No latency on video transmission
  • Cost-effective
    • Video transmission using coaxial cable infrastructure
  • Easy Upgrade for CCTV Professionals
    • Same installation & operating interface as CCTV
    • No learning curve for CCTV professionals
  • Tribrid Surveillance with Video Analytics
    • Integrate HD-SDI CCTV, IP and CCTV transmission formats into one interface
    • Allow free combination of HD-SDI, IP and CCTV cameras
    • Provide a wide range of video analytics
  • Stable & Scalable
    • The point-to-point system provides stable infrastructure for transmission
    • Easy to scale up surveillance systems by adding captured cards or IP licenses
  • High Performance
    • Optimization toward 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processor
    • Support 1080p H.264 real-time encoding, display and playback