huperVision Real-time D1 Premium DVR Cards 4716Q/4708Q/4704Q/4704Q-Me
Small, Low Power & Full D1 Real-time Display

Date: 2009/10/30

In order to meet advanced real-time video capture and display demands, huperLab commits to the 3rd generation of huperVision real-time D1 DVR cards. huperVision 4700 Series DVR Cards provide a full range of product models that support real-time video display at full D1 resolution. With the design of low power and low profile format, huperLab’s 3rd generation cards easily fit a variety of hardware configurations, fulfill different market demands, and reduce electricity expense. With 10 bit ADC chip, huperVision real-time D1 premium DVR cards guarantee lossless raw data capture and superior video quality.

  • Low profile card design
    • Easily fit a wide variety of hardware configurations
      (Board Size: 4716Q 8x16cm, 4708Q/4704Q 8x13cm, 4704Q-Me 3x5.1cm)
    • Available for diverse applications
    • Save hardware space
  • Support full D1 real-time display in a full range of products
    • All huperVision 4700 Series Cards support real-time video display at full D1 resolution
    • 4700 Series offers a full range of product models that fulfill different requirements from the market
    • Available in 16CH/8CH/4CH with PCIe / mini-PCIe interface *1
  • D1 resolution provides clearer and superb video quality after zoom-in
    • 1/4 power consumption of ordinary DVR cards
      • Both power saving & budget saving
        For example, 4716Q DVR annually saves US$190.97 compared to other ordinary 16 CH DVR systems in the market *2
      • Eco-friendly & energy saving
    • Built-in 10 bit ADC chipset
      • 10 bit ADC chip guarantees clear images at various scenes
      • *1 The mini-PCIe is available in 4CH only.
      • *2 The electrical fee is initial estimates, which may vary across different system configurations and electrical fee standards in different places. The electrical fee here is measured based on the United States’ electrical fee standard
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