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12/16/2009 huperVision 4000 v.1.52 of huperLab Intelligence Surveillance System Announcement
10/30/2009 huperLab Announces Its 3rd Generation DVR Cards
10/30/2009 huperLab’s All-in-one DSS Server Board and Flow Counting Solutions Installed in Over 20 Clothes Stores in Italy
10/04/2009 On Board! huperLab Launches Small, Lower Power& Big Performance Gaia DSS Server Board
9/14/2009 huperRemote iViewer is now READY for iPhone Users!
4/10/2009 Meet HuperLab at SecuTech/CompoSec 2009!
2/27/2009 huperVision 4000 v.1.51 Hybrid DVR & IP Surveillance System Starts Shipping