HuperLab Finds Success in its 2008 Product Launch Seminar

Date: 2007/12/19

Taipei, Taiwan – December 19, 2007 - Huper Laboratories (known as HuperLab), a leading developer of video surveillance systems, and technology innovator on computer vision, video/audio codec and streaming technology, presents its latest intelligent surveillance products and technologies, including the huperVision Intelligent Video Surveillance Platform, and demonstrates how its partners’ solutions are integrated based on this platform. Meanwhile, Huperlab is honored to invite Ryan Pien, the APAC product marketing manager from Intel Embedded IA to present Intel embedded solutions and platforms. In addition to the new products and technologies, HuperLab announces its new company graphic logo meaning sweep through the whole world, and expects its intelligent surveillance solutions can be applied to every corner on the earth. More than 100 people attended this launch seminar, and HuperLab received very strong and positive feedbacks from customers and partners.

huperVision Intelligent Video Surveillance Platform is released lately for software developers and system integrators to add their own applications on it. For instance, Orbit Technology has successfully developed a series of License Plate Recognizing systems based on the huperVision 4000 platform that has been broadly used in police investigation for stolen vehicles, intersection surveillance, parking lot management, freeway toll collection stations, and so forth. huperVision 4000 intelligent video surveillance platform also provides the well-defined interface for easy integration. Various devices and systems, such as access control systems, IP cameras, global positioning systems, point of sales systems, smoke and fire detector systems, are easily integrated into huperVision for different projects. Aviso Technology presents a case study by showing how to integrates huperVision 4000 into high-end security protection systems for a series of luxury home apartments in Taipei, Taiwan.

Together with huperVision Intelligent Video Surveillance Platform, HuperLab demonstrates its newly developed intelligent applications, such as advanced people counting, face detection, and 360° panorama surveillance. The 2008 new generation DVR cards are introduced at the same time, Flex-channel DVR card and 60 FPS ultra real-time DVR card. The Flex-channel DVR card can be used as a 4, 8, or 16 channel DVR card depending on the port numbers of D-type connectors, while the 60 FPS ultra real-time DVR card doubles the video frame rates on DVR display and recording.

Meanwhile, HuperLab announces its new graphic logo meaning sweep through the whole world. HuperLab has put great efforts on developing new technologies toward human perceptions and communications since it was founded. The first half part of the company name ”Huper”is the abbreviation of “Human Perception,” and the company logo is created from the Guan Contemplation of the Book of Changes (Yi-Jing.) In Yi Jing thought, the idea of guan contemplation expresses a sense of philanthropy. Mr. Albert Yang, the CEO of HuperLab expects the services and products of HuperLab could be delivered in every corner on the earth, just like a breeze of wind over the world.

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