AzKinG and HuperLab held a Product Presentation jointly in Bangkok

Date: 2007/11/24

It is the first time that AzKinG and HuperLab held a " New Era Intelligent Video Surveillance Product Presentation " jointly in Bangkok, and that it obtained the warm echo.

【 November 24, 2007, Bangkok, Thailand 】 It is the first time that AzKinG, the largest distributor in Thailand and HuperLab held a " New Era Intelligent Video Surveillance Product Presentation " jointly in Bangkok. HuperLab presented how to use its most advanced video image processing and analysis technologies to automatically alarm and detect intrusion, missing and left objects or any unusual activities. Matches the use with PTZ cameras, huperVision , the Intelligent Video Surveillance System can automatically detect moving objects without manual operation. HuperLab also invited Pachari Singsawan, Marketing Manager, Seagate and Robert Loh, Program Manager, Digital Security Surveillance Business Development, In-Vehicle Infotainment, Intel to present how to satisfy the demand of digital security surveillance market.

HuperVision, the Intelligent Video Surveillance System was demonstrated live at the scene. The audience was amazed to see 16 CH real-time DVR plays real-time record and playback simultaneously with full D1(NTSC: 720x480, PAL: 720x576) high resolution. High resolution is the key to win the digital security surveillance market.

Meanwhile, huperDVR-POS and huperTracker were first introduced to the Thailand market in order to fulfill the demand which increases day by day in the digital security surveillance market in Thailand .

  • HuperVision 4000 is an advanced and extensive digital video surveillance system for large-scaled, commercial securities, or warehousing, and etc. Other than conventional DVR functions, huperVision 4000 offers more powerful and intelligent features in video content analysis, such as smart search and object detection, and PTZ camera auto tracking & direct control as well.
      -- Intelligent Surveillance
      -- Central Management Solution
      -- Mobile Surveillance
      -- Hybrid & NVR Solution
      -- Superb Video Quality
      -- DVR Scalability

  • HuperDVR-POS is a loss prevention DVR system for retailers to effectively reduce loss through better detection of theft, fraud and errors in transactions.

  • HuperTracker is an automated tracking system that allows unattended operations to detect and track intrusions by using one PTZ camera coupled with at a maximum of three still cameras.
    Key Features:
      -- Multi-camera Associated Auto Tracking
      -- Suitable for Large Area Surveillance
      -- Easy Switch from Auto Tracking to Manual Tracking
      -- Easy & Flexible Camera Deployment

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