Reliable Solution of huperLab DVR Secured Taipei Zoo

The Taipei Zoo, with more than 90 years history, covers an area of 165 hectares and small hills and valleys adjacent to the zoo. There built six main buildings and eight exhibition areas for indoor and outdoor display. As spacious occupying area and numerous display buildings, stability, 24/7 operation, high performance and mobility are particularly significant for Taipei Zoo security.

In ensuring the long-term stability and great video quality, the Taipei Zoo has selected huperLab surveillance system to guard their specific sites day and night. All huperLab surveillance systems installed are 16CH DVR systems with real-time display and recording at D1 resolution. Optimizing toward Intel® Architecture, the 16CH system delivers high quality video display and recording consuming less CPU power compared to other systems in the market. Besides, huperLab’s exclusive SmartFile Management Technology avoids disk fragmentation and increases system stability for long term recording while its Database Auto Fix Function can fix recording database after abnormal shutdown.

For better usage of recording database, the smart search feature also can define the size of searching targets to save time while searching from large recording database. “The DVR performance and reliability are the key points we were considering, and huperLab’s surveillance system can fully fulfill our requirements. Relying on this system, the staff in the zoo doesn’t need to worry about blurred images problems and heavy work on searching video data in large database as well. The system installed in the Taipei Zoo has remained in operation smoothly and normally for more than five years,” said Roger Chen, the installer of Taipei Zoo. 

The surveillance system integrates client programs that allow security personnel or users to easily access multiple sites via different internet browsers, including IE browsers, Firefox, Google Chrome or any flash-based browser, or through a wide range of mobile phones that cover iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian phones while they are away from the monitor center.

Meanwhile, the huperVision surveillance system supports HD-SDI video inputs that provide 1080p/720p video without latency over coaxial cable, and better FOV (field of vision) for large scale surveillance. Its Tribird feature allows any combination of HD-SDI CCTV, CCTV and IP camera connections in one system. huperVision HD-SDI capture card enables to be stacked with other huperLab SD DVR cards or NVR license keys in one system to separately monitor different areas and scenarios upon users’ demands.