Case Study

huperLab Intelligent Virtual Fence Upgrades Lanya Elementary School Security

The campus security has raised higher awareness from parents and education authorizes around the globe. As one of the target implemented cases, Lanya Elementary School in Taipei required a more proactive approach to protect students and staff. Adopted huperLab Intelligent Virtual Fence along with Push Event Notification on mobile devices, school security can effectively verify the events and take appropriate measures in a short time. This case study was also introduced on local TV news in early October.

huperLab’s Reliable NVR Surveillance Secures Large-Scale Mansion in Taiwan

The crucial requirement for residential surveillance is reliability. Along with smart video analytics and system scalability, the surveillance function can be fully brought forth especially in large community. huperLab partnered with local solution provider, USCIENCE COMPUTER CO. greatly utilized the huperLab’s NVR surveillance system with central management control solution (CMS) in a large scale of mansion where accommodated over 2,000 households in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

huperLab Flame & Smoke Detection System Enhances Anti-disaster Security at Leading LCD Manufacturing Factory

The corporation is Taiwan’s leading LCD manufacturer, started off with plastic and rubber materials for more than 50 years commitment, whose factories are mostly filled with chemical materials, inflammable air and heat that are easily resulted in the fire disaster. For the safety of working environment and sustainable development, the corporation was looking to the system that both performs effective monitoring and early warning protection at multiple sites in the industrial zones.

Speed Up Your LPR Applications with huperVision Video Surveillance Platform

It's been challenging to detect and identify the car plate numbers of high speed vehicles on the highway. To ensure the high video quality, and accuracy of car plate recognition, the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport selected huperVision-based Orbit CarReader LPR (License Plate Recognition) system for real-time stolen vehicle detection.

Reliable Solution of huperLab DVR Secured Taipei Zoo

The Taipei Zoo, with more than 90 years history, covers an area of 165 hectares and small hills and valleys adjacent to the zoo. There built six main buildings and eight exhibition areas for indoor and outdoor display. As spacious occupying area and numerous display buildings, stability, 24/7 operation, high performance and mobility are particularly significant for Taipei Zoo security.

Intelligent Video Surveillance with Full Integration Comprehensively Guards Taiwan City Property

huperLab’s intelligent surveillance solution installed in Taiwan’s Hsinchu City Police Bureau, works as the front-end 24hr guard at every crucial intersection. These virtual eyes keep eyes on a large amount of pedestrian and traffic flow, and the video signals can be transmitted to the surveillance workshop at sub-police stations through the fiber broadband infrastructure without any latency.

The CCTV intersection surveillance is divided into several parts, including CCTV, GIS and Central Command Center, Traffic Control Center (real-time monitor traffic flow), and HD PTZ Camera & Megapixel Camera, etc. There installed more than 1,500 high resolution cameras at 199 important sites to clearly monitor diverse scenarios. This successful case attracts Thai City surveillance visiting delegation to visit and do the field survey. The good approach not only builds huperLab’s reputation, but bridges the bilateral relations between Taiwan and Thai.

The Surveillance on DHL in Ghana Counts on huperVision-based IVS Solutions

DHL has built the world’s essential global delivery network by trailblazing express shipping in one country after another, and occupied the business of more than 220 countries globally. To overall ensure security and surveillance for multiple sites simultaneously, the complete system with huperVision 4000 all-in-one server board and full-featured video analytics were installed by iTrack Limited in DHL Ghana.

huperLab’s Vision-based Intelligent Video Analytics Double Added Value in Taipei Mansion

A large scale of mansion with over 400 households and occupied spacious dimension as 6,151.2 M2 in Taipei County, is a famous indicative construction regionally. The well-known solution provider, GCC, chose huperVision surveillance system in the combination of practical intelligent video analytics, like loitering detection, virtual fence detection, secure zone detection and motion detection, to secure major entry points and building surroundings to upgrade security level other than video viewing and recording available in traditional CCTV systems.

huperLab’s Intelligent People Counting Solution Creates Greater Efficiencies in Taiwan’s Memorial Hall

A famous memorial hall with long history in Taipei, Taiwan accommodates around two thousand to three thousand visitors every single day, so how to instantly manage crowds, and turn visitor data, like visitor flow at entry points, into business intelligence has played a more significant role to the hall managers other than general surveillance purpose. huperLab’s vision-based people counter with the integration of statistics analysis system was fully adopted to count and analyze numerous visitors moving in and out at entry points.

huperLab’s All-in-one DSS Server Board and Flow Counting Solutions Installed in Over 20 Clothes Stores in Italy

Harmont & Blaine, a great company with a trend of very large business, owning more than 20 clothing stores and a bar important "Harmont Coffee" in Italy and about 15 others around the world. SecurTek, one of huperLab’s partners in Italy, chose huperVision 4000 DSS Server Board HM 4316 and installed the systems in over 20 clothing stores in Italy since it features great convenience in the assembly, and the engineers do not have to check the compatibility with other motherboards as well as integrated video cards.