huperLab Intelligent Virtual Fence Upgrades Lanya Elementary School Security

The campus security has raised higher awareness from parents and education authorizes around the globe. As one of the target implemented cases, Lanya Elementary School in Taipei required a more proactive approach to protect students and staff. Adopted huperLab Intelligent Virtual Fence along with Push Event Notification on mobile devices, school security can effectively verify the events and take appropriate measures in a short time. This case study was also introduced on local TV news in early October.

On campus security, the fence intrusion is always the major risk. Given that higher level of security, based on huperLab NVR surveillance system with Virtual Fence, the school installed 29 high-resolution IP cameras at the fence surrounding the campus. The IP cameras set up in cascade with birds’ eye view to easily specify the detection line and with no blind spot. Once a stranger loiters around or attempts to climb across the fence, the system will send the alerts to the security and trigger the alarm to scare him off at the same time. Also, the school further deployed their own fiber broadband infrastructure to ensure real-time surveillance video streaming and data retrieval for high reliability.

To better fit the applied scenarios, the security can specify and set what sizes of moving objects to ignore and exclude from Virtual Fence detection, such as the ball was thrown out of the fence or brandishing the umbrella aside the fence. That is, it can decrease the false alarm problems. 

The instant event notification is without compromising. With iOS/Andriod smart devices, huperRemote iViewer/gVIewer with Push Event Notification can keep you stay alert and take corresponding actions anytime. When an event happened, the security will receive the Push Event Notification messages to instantly verify the situation and view the event playback video by one click on his smartphone or tablet for efficient crisis management.

On the other hand, fence detection is a part of essential surveillance applications in campus. The school also applied huperLab Secure Zone Detection, Loitering Detection and Missing and Left Object Detection to secure target entries and areas as comprehensive security.