Speed Up Your LPR Applications with huperVision Video Surveillance Platform
It’s been challenging to detect and identify the car plate numbers of high speed vehicles on the highway. To ensure the high video quality, and accuracy of car plate recognition, the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport selected huperVision-based Orbit CarReader LPR (License Plate Recognition) system for real-time stolen vehicle detection.

As the problem of stolen cars is getting serious, the demand to identify and report stolen cars at real time is increasing. In most cases, the law enforcement units are required to enter car plate numbers in the car plate system, and wait for its search results for further verification. Such manual operation takes time and more manpower which may decrease the efficiency of crime prevention.

To effectively recognize the plate number of every moving vehicle on the road, the huperVision based LPR surveillance system, Orbit CarReader, was selected by Taiwan's highway patrol to identify stolen cars in the area of Taoyuan International Airport. Fully integrated with huperVision intelligence surveillance platform, this CarReader LPR system, developed by Orbit Technology, is able to recognize and record the car plate numbers when high speed vehicles enter the detection area on the highway. Once a stolen car is identified, the highway patrol will be notified immediately accompanying the related surveillance video and snapshots. Up to 20 car plates can be simultaneously identified and displayed in one single system, and the maximum detection speed is 120km/h.

“The huperVision surveillance system acts as a perfect platform for us to develop our CarReader LPR solution easier and faster. The huperVision 4604U ultra real-time DVR card can capture 60FPS high quality video that allows our LPR engine to read and recognize the plate number of every high-speed vehicle on the highway. Without a doubt, the full integration of Orbit CarReader LPR and huperVision surveillance system does provide the clients full-featured LPR solution with high accuracy and real-time detection.” said Marvin Chen, Chief Technology Officer of Orbit Technology Inc.

The huperVision 4600U card series provides 60FPS video display and recording, perfect for certain specific scenarios that require high frame rates, such as high-speed car plate recognition and casinos, etc. Every single move will be captured and recorded in huperVision surveillance system with this 4600U ultra real-time card.