Real Tracking Sensor By 3D Intelligent Stereo Vision

huperEyes Smart is a brand-new system that perfectly integrates 3D analytics into the high performance platform. With great system integration, it allows you to fit a wide range of applications, covering retails management, factory/warehouse security, public facility, smart home/building surveillance, transportation and construction and more. Utilizing self-developed 3D dual-lens camera along with advanced 3D algorithm can capture real-time depth data and ensure high tolerance to critical weather conditions and dynamic environments at over 99% high accuracy.

Up to 98%+ High Accuracy in 3D Stereo Vision

● Bi-directional detect 3D moving objects in depth information

● Better distinguish moving objects from the background in crowded area

● Able to handle U-turns and designate flow directions


All-in-One 3D Stereo Camera

See HE-S800 Product Specifications

3D Stereo Camera for Wide Area

See HE-A500 Series Product Specifications

High Tolerance to Critical Weather Conditions, Ideal for Indoor/Outdoor Environment Use

● Reduce false alarm in rainy, snowy and windy days

● Free from affecting by sunlight and shadow changes, car lights. Auto doors, bouncing balls, swaying reflections and surroundings

● Water-proof camera body and accessories, anti-collision steel chassis, and anti-flare lens design

● Ideal to use at daytime and nighttime*

*Note: It requires extra IR LED projectors at night.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

● Quick operation with web setting on smart phones and tablets

● Self-own 3D stereo depth perception technology to fulfill sophisticated applications

● Save service costs

Real-time Alerts and Alarm Warning on Mobile Devices

● Instant Push Event Notification to iOS/Android Smart phones and Tablets

● Play alarm sound by smart cam APP

● Two-way voice communication

Analysis Data Retrieval and Business Reporting

● huperReporter allows to generate detection analysis reports by data, time and height filtering, and display analysis data from multiple smart cameras

● Web-based chart display for video analytics data analysis

SDK Available for Integration

● C++/OCX SDK for application systems on Windows

● CGI Commands for application systemson all OS platforms

● Compliant RTSP video/audio streams

● Supported functions: video analytic database retrieving, analysis chart web customization, video/audio streams of live video and video recordings, event notifications, and system settings

3D Video Analytics Features Available

Retail & Access Control

• 3D People Counter

• 3D Tailgating Detection

• 3D Area Counter

• 3D Loitering Detection


Factory & Manufactory

• 3D Virtual Fence

• 3D Fall Detection

• 3D Stop Detection

• 3D Secure Zone


• 3D Vehicle Counter

Capture real-time 3D depth information of moving objects to better distinguish them from the background avoiding false alarm

Support Adjustable height range and pass-through/touch mode for
high detection accuracy 

System Diagram