The Intuitive and Smart Platform for Video Analytics Management Beyond Your Limitation

The intuitive and smart huperAnalyzer server enables to quickly receive, display and manage real-time 2D & 3D analytics events at a time for both normal and alarm warning recordings from supported camera video sources, and stay in control with live and archived video footage via smart mobile app.

Easy to Operate with Quick Settings

No need to get yourself stuck in complex feature design. The intuitive quick-click navigation helps you quickly configure the system.

One Single Platform for Rich 2D & 3D Analytics Support

The self-own 2D & 3D analytics features allow you to manage on one platform simultaneously and great integration.

Incident Management in Rapid Response

Stay in control with real-time video alerts and quick view archived event videos by feature sorting.

Freely Alerting on Your Way

Pick up your mobile phone, push notification alert in seconds are always ready to check.

• Retail Management • Factory/Warehouse Security • Public Facility
• Transportation • Smart Home/Building Surveillance • Construction

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