Perfect Combination of
3D Stereo Vision Detection and Access Control System

Securing your data center, server room or private residential access cannot be compromising but with high-alert monitoring. Most access control systems can easily cause tailgating or piggy backing problems without controlling the numbers of people when entry occurred every time.   huperLab 3D Tailgating Detection utilizes 3D dual-lens camera, with its advanced 3D algorithm, to construct and track 3D moving objects in real time. When a person is authorized to pass through the secured area or access point, the system will automatically create the virtual privilege tag on the authorized person while moving in the detection area for 5 minutes. Any unauthorized access will trigger an alarm to notify the security in seconds. More importantly, it works well with your existing access control system for better access control.

Real-time Detect and Track Intruder or Tailgater

Once the card key or staff badge has been read, the virtual privilege tag is attached on the authorized entrant for continuous tracking, the system will identify the unauthorized intruder attempting to slide through the door and then trigger the alarm.

Ideal to Integrate with Existing Access Control System

To better improve security, the system allows you to integrate your existing biometric sensors, access control system at multiple door access with greater convenience and higher security demand.

Easy to Retrieve and Manage Event Video

When the authorized entrant is detected, the system will trigger an alarm with event notification and the security can instantly check the event video for further verification.

No Interference for Traffic Flow

Users don’t need to change their daily behaviors but swipe their card keys or badges without physically restricted access.

• Data center and server room • Gym and Sports Facilities • Elevators
• Smart Buildings • Staff Only Control Room • Construction
• Office Building

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