huperLab NVR支援魚眼影像全景監看與還原處理功能

Taipei, Taiwan, March 2014- Huper Laboratories (known as huperLab), a leading developer of intelligent video surveillance system, and a technology innovator on 2D & 3D video analytics, video/audio codecs and streaming technologies, highlights its huperLab NVR now supports panoramic and fisheye camera dewarping function to cover wide angle surveillance with situational awareness.

Key Features

  • 提供180度/360度魚眼網路攝影機的原始影像顯示、錄影回放
  • 魚眼影像還原及ePTZ控制功能
  • 在即時監控及影像回放時,支援全景及區域檢視模式

The captured original video from any panoramic/fisheye cameras allows flexible 360° full panoramic view or 180°dual view, and quad view for display and playback* from the same video source. For both original view and de-warped video modes, users can utilize the intuitive ePTZ control to easily pan, tilt and zoom on selected areas to focus on a region of interest (ROI) with multiple angles and scenes for no blind spots. And the recorded videos can greatly be further analyzed and authenticated if required.

As equipped with panoramic/fisheye function, ideally applying for shopping mall, retail stores, airports, parking lots, factories and more, huperLab NVR can deliver entire hemispherical or panoramic view without moving parts that will effectively rule out the blind zone problems of using moving cameras. While involving the detailed monitoring, users are able to use smooth ePTZ control buttons and de-warped view modes to pan and zoom in every corner or specific areas to more detailedly and clearly monitor human faces and behaviors with entire surveillance.

Aside from flexible Hybrid DVR/NVR solution, huperLab also offers an easy-to-use and reliable megapixel IP surveillance solution as a complete system - huperLab Gaia NVR. It can manage up to 16 network cameras that enable remote monitoring with real-time live local display, high resolution recording, and full HD multi-channel playback. A wide array of intelligent features, including CMS (video/event management), fisheye dewarping with ePTZ and video analytics, are available to fulfill various market demands.