huperLab Highlights New Generation huperEyes™ 3D Stereo Camera with Water-proof Protection and 3D Cam Wizard Setup

Taipei, Taiwan, Jan 2014 – Huper Laboratories (known as huperLab), a leading developer of intelligent video surveillance system, and a technology innovator on 2D & 3D video analytics, video/audio codecs and streaming technologies, has announced the availability of new generation huperEyes™ 3D Stereo Camera that features water-proof and streamline-type looks design for better outdoor use. The newly-developed 3D stereo camera wizard can further ensure easy and flexible installation.

As the outdoor surveillance demand for people counting continues to grow, the new generation huperEyes™ 3D Stereo Camera improved the water-proof and stream-line design that is set to be ideal for outdoor use. With this new 3D stereo camera, huperLab is bringing its own strengths to video content analysis based on stereo computer vision while it can ensure higher accuracy. It is expected to widely fit different use scenarios and reduce environmental effects.

Based on the mimic human eyes of 3D vision, along with exclusive design of huperEyes™ 3D camera, the system can sense and track the objects in depth whether the objects are moving toward or away from the camera. As the new development, it brings higher accuracy to better distinguish adults, children and other objects with different heights in high density area, as well as reduce errors by less light and shadow influence. Taking Taipei Int’l Flora Expo for example, the outdoor use scenario, the counting results in crowded visitor flows can achieve 95% accuracy. The same solution for indoor use scenario, installed in Palace Museum can further achieve 98.7% or even higher accuracy.

Given the 3D stereo camera setup, huperLab 3D video analytics now supports 3D Camera wizard that uses a step-by-step approach to guide users to begin camera installation. With few mouse clicks, the easy, flexible camera installation and calibration test will run automatically by simple settings in a minute.

huperLab 3D Video Analytics comes with self-developed 3D algorithm that enables to capture three-dimensional images in real-time. The huperLab’s advanced analysis statistics, real-time video and data integration, allows users to easily monitor customer behaviors, footage and marketing satisfaction. The data can be further exported to do detailed analysis and data mining for efficient business approach such as convert rates, average traffic, hot spots, consumer genders, popular products and so on.

With its height filter feature, the 3D video analytics offers useful real-time filtering results, which is expected to greater use in some restricted areas or certain locations with height limits. More 3D video analytics features like 3D Virtual Fence will be expected to launch in the near future.