huperLab’s Vision-based Flame & Smoke Detection System Guards Valuable Assets
in Industrials

Taipei, Taiwan, July 2013 – Huper Laboratories ( known as huperLab), a leading developer of intelligent video surveillance system, and a technology innovator on 2D & 3D video analytics, video/audio codecs and streaming technologies, highlights its vision-based Flame & Smoke Detection (FSD) System that aims to deliver early warning and prevent property damage in industrial sites and public facilities. With huperLab’s self-developed and patent granted technology, the system is capable of detecting and identifying smoke and flame in seconds for different use scenarios. And once the event detected, the system will send the Push Video event notification to operator’s mobile devices with real-time video playback to verify the situation. The integrated fire safety equipment can also set to trigger as complete alerts mechanism before the disaster occurs.

The huperLab FSD System can detect the suspicious flame and smoke incident from the video sources of HD-SDI, IP and CCTV cameras, which quickly analyzes and verifies the characteristics of flame and smoke in seconds, included color, motion and swaying pattern. Without additional sensor or equipment required, huperLab FSD System works with cameras to detect flame and smoke within camera field of view. Compared to the traditional flame or smoke detectors, huperLab FSD System can efficiently identify incidents in wide open areas/places where high air flows are present or when the smoke doesn’t approach the detectors closely enough to the high ceilings. When it comes to the post-incident investigation, its real-time video recording can be significantly presented as forensic evidences.

In the meantime, the quick response mechanism plays a crucial role in Flame & Smoke incidents. When flame or smoke is identified, the operators will receive the Push Video notification within 10 seconds to allow playing back the instant event videos on their iPhone/Android smart phones and tablets at finger snap. The ease of setup and great flexibility features allow to integrate with fire safety equipment when the emergency situation occurs for full protection

Based on self-developed and patent granted technology, huperLab’s video analytics technology is able to support further parameters or sensitivity adjustments to fit for different scenarios. As its practicability, the huperLab FSD System has been successfully deployed at domestic and overseas factories and buildings.