huperLab’s All-in-one DSS Server Board and Flow Counting Solutions Installed in Over 20 Clothes Stores in Italy

“Being the holder of SecurTek I chose huperLab from the beginning because I liked the video performance, at the expense of processors that were not up to the capture cards. In a short, huperVision is configured according to customer requests,” quoted Sig. Tommaso Callea, Director of Securtek Company, Italy.

Harmont & Blaine, a great company with a trend of very large business, owning more than 20 clothing stores and a bar important "Harmont Coffee" in Italy and about 15 others around the world.

The original demands from Harmont & Blaine were the use of anti-intrusion systems. After discussion with their solution provider, SecurTek, they came to a consensus to bring down inventory misconduct, theft, robbery, and the surveillance control that customer is willing to commit to.

Meanwhile, due to limited workforce and great customer traffic at stores every day, the solution for customer traffic analysis is required to help owners to easily control conditions at stores.

In this case, SecurTek, one of huperLab’s partners in Italy, has been in charge of all the CCTV installation and security management in Harmont & Blaine’s stores and even some of their factories in Italy and others abroad.

Founded in 1996, SecurTek, one of huperLab’s partners in Italy, is a young and dynamic company but with over 10 years of experience in electronics and computing, dealing with designing, producing and installing equipment, systems and installations of high quality, advanced technology for the prevention of theft and fire for Civil and Military Authorities, industry, banks, malls, shops, offices and homes. As the solution provider of Harmont & Blaine, SecurTek chose huperVision 4000 DSS Server Board HM 4316 and installed the systems in over 20 clothing stores in Italy.

With unique design for surveillance use, huperLab has committed to combine the DSS Server Board HM 4316 into one piece of board. It features great convenience in the assembly, so that the engineers do not have to check the compatibility with other motherboards and integrated video cards as well.

↑ The surveillance application in Harmont & blaine ;
clothing chain store in Italy.
↑DSS Server Board HM 4316

Due to exclusive design on DSS server board, the compatibility no longer bothers customers and their engineers. With huperLab’s all-in-one server board, customers are able to both save time and cost, as well as fulfill demands of CCTV and IP surveillance in the marketplace.

In this case, the system is also set up an operation center at the factory in Naples (headquarter of Harmont & Blaine) for remote monitoring and remote access, which is managed directly by SecurTek to deal with events as theft and robbery happening during business hours. When receiving a request from customer, SecurTek will help with downloading the surveillance video and directly sending clips to the police for effectively the arrest of criminals recognition in the video.

This application counts on huperLab’s huperCenter and huperRemote of Central Management Solution(CMS). In terms of this advanced central system, it brings multiple huperVision systems together into an integrated interface for remote monitoring and control. Managers are able to easily monitor multiple remote DVR sites for simultaneous viewing and further controlling conditions at different places.

huperVision 4000 offers more powerful and intelligent features in video content analysis, which enables to support large-scaled, or commercial securities for surveillance use. huperVision 4000 is available to meet different customer’s demands for various applications along with intelligent program design, including huperRemote, Remote Viewer, huperRemote PDA, and huperRemote Phone controlling and monitoring through a remote computer or with handheld devices.

Flow counting, one of huperVision’s smart features on intelligent video analytics, which enables to calculate the amount of people and objects passing a specific zone or predefined line. Applications in retail stores, for example, flow counting in Harmont & Blaine is used as a deterrent for anti-theft and sales figures, as well as get closer with customers.

With huperVision 4000’s powerful surveillance features, the managers of Harmont & Blaine can monitor each retail store, and the work of their employees while keeping an eye on the garments production or checking if the mannequins are dressed wrongly. Also, managers enable to go through the statistics of customers when they are purchasing at stores at times by flow counting application.

Mr. Tommas Callea, director of SecurTek Company, indicated, “The great video performance of huperLab’s product portfolio is the key that boosts SecurTek to adopt its solutions. Besides, the high stability of its software and hardware plays a key role in this partnership as well as customer between their customers. huperLab is regarded as crucial for the technology that offers its products and support, as well as it is described this area can in some way to resolve almost all technical defects that have occurred.”